2013 Sour Baltic Porter 2014 Update

A year and a little bit on from the brew day I thought it was about time it got an update. The last update was way back in March 2013, so relatively early days in the life of this beer.

I sampled a bottle of the unadulterated version on New Years day. There was only a limited number of these as it was brewed with way too much body in the hope that the bugs would eat the long chain sugars and thin it out, while leaving the beta-glucans provided by the oats and rye. Predictibly, even with the aid of carbonation it was heavy going. Not unpleasant but I wouldn’t want to tackle more than a 300ml bottle! There was rich malt forward roastyness, with the fig and plum like fruitiness of Special B.


Cantillon dregs have done a number on this one!

So how have the split batches got on? Each one is good in its own right!

The soured portion has a nice acetic aroma and flavour and with the dark malts it has an almost balsamic vinegarness about it, but in a good way! One if the brett’d djs has more brett character than the other but the stronger one has classic barn yard, horse blanket brett. The oak is still high in body as no bugs were added to it. There are vanillins and a slight coconut type flavour. So all in all a fair result. However the idea was to blend these beers, either with fresh, young beer or with each other.

Havin taken some small samples I had a play and came up with a 50:25:25 blend of sour:brett:oak that just blew me away! The resultant beer was much more than the sum of its parts. The body was perfect, the sharp edge of the acid was rounded out and the oak was cut down to a background note!

I need to sort out some small lambic bottles, like the small Cantillon ones, and some siphoning/bottling equipment that I’m going to dedicate to sours, and then this is going to get bottled! Very excited about this beer.

This will account for 2 gallons at those ratios, which then leaves me with 1.5G of brett and .5G of Oaked beer. I’m going to combine the two half DJs to get an Oaked brett version and then I’m going to add more Cantillon dregs to both! I may add some fruit to the slightly less bretty one! Maybe some raspberries!

Can’t wait to delve into the world of blending more if this is the outcome!


2 thoughts on “2013 Sour Baltic Porter 2014 Update

  1. Fun and games, I need to taste my Brett bucket I think the best way for me to go with it is to brew another beer and blend it too. I’ll get the bucket out when you’re over, though I think the beer killed the Brett.

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