New Years Day Brewathon Update

So it has been a couple o’ three months since the big brewday. All went pretty smoothly. there were no major changes from the recipe I posted in December

NYD Baltic Porter (5.5G)


Pale ale malt 46%
Munich malt 27%
Oat malt 5.4%
Toasted flaked oats 5.4%
Amber malt 3.2%
Special B 3.2%
Medium Crystal 2.7%
Flaked Rye 2.2%
Chocolate malt 1.6%
Carafa special III 0.6%
Honey 2.7%


Magnum 16%aa FWH 19IBU 10g
Saaz 3%aa 30 mins 10 IBU 50g



Fermentation was completed within a fortnight and I then left the FV sitting warm for another few days just to ensure any fermentation derived ‘off flavours’ could be cleared away by the yeast. The FG was around 1.015, down from 1.086, so somewhere around 9.5-9.6% ish. I decided to split the batch into as many 1 gallon demi johns as I could and bottle the remaining into 330ml bottles.





I managed to get 4 demijohns and 12 330ml bottles. I wanted to have a few bottles of the ‘unadultered’ beer for comparison next year. The dilemna now was what to do with the unbottled beer. 🙂

Demijohn 1: Oak chips! I really think that this beer will take oak well. I had a sachet of new oak chips from a 1 gallon wine kit so threw most of that into the 1st gallon. I plan to leave this on the oak for a few months. I have been informed by @lugsy51 that this may end up being a VERY aggressive amount of oak, so if that is the case I plan to brew a batch of ‘young’ beer later in the year for blending purposes.There is also a chance that the resulting beer from blending this gallon back may get dry nibbed with cacao nibs! Still pondering on that!

Demijohn 2: I wanted a gallon of this beer to be soured. The one and only correct answer to the question of what to use……….Cantillon dregs of course! an excuse to buy a bottle or two of Cantillon and an eclectic mix of microflora for my beer. I am pleased to announce that the bugs are doing very well and trying their best to form a thick white pellicle on top of the beer as I type.

This image was taken about a week ago. Since then a thin pellicle has formed over the surface of the beer with larger, thick areas like this one popping up all over.

Demijohns 3&4: The last two have had a vial of WLP653 Brettanomyces lambicus split between them. One will end up being just plain Brett, while the other may get a dose of fruit further down the line.

So an eclectic mixed bag. At 10+% I can’t see me drinking a lot of this at a time, so variety will hopefully not only keep things interesting, but be one hell of a learning experience as well.

More to come as and when it happens

LB…….. out


So yesterday I took as sample of the Cantillon version, just to see! 🙂

The gravity has gone down a bit to 1.015. There is a great tartness to it now. Some lactic/acetic acid which plays really well with the roast, which is coming through more since the sweetness is being dialled back by the bugs! It’s not unlike a roasty Flanders brown, which is awesome! So far this one is working out better than I had hoped!

The oaked version is coming along nicely as well. Nice coconut and vanilla oak flavours developing. It isn’t overpowering yet either. I may leave it on the oak for another month then test again. When I’m happy with the oak flavour ill rack it off.




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