Sorachi Ace Pale

As you can tell from this blog’s posting history I have been somewhat absent of late! Real life it seems has been getting in the way! A combination of new job, starting a post grad course, being a new dad, have all meant that what ‘spare’ time I had has been evaporated into the ether!

Well I have managed to dust off the mash tun, fire up the brew kettle and get going on the following brew!

Expected OG: 1.055
Expected FG: 1.013
Colour: 8.4SRM
IBU: 39 (rager)
BU:GU – 0.72

Mash efficiency : 85%
60min boil


Pale Ale Malt 86%
Amber Malt 4%
Munich Malt 4%
CaraMunich III 4%
Medium Crystal 2%

JP Sorachi Ace 14.9 % 14 g 60 Min From End
JP Sorachi Ace 14.9 % 30 g 10 Min From End
JP Sorachi Ace 14.9 % 30 g At turn off


I have been wanting to do an all Sorachi pale ale for some time. The kick up the mash paddle came from listening to the Brewing Network archive and hearing Justin Crossley talk about his version of a Sorachi Pale “Ace Hole” ๐Ÿ˜€

So borrowing from the fact that he adapted Jamil Zainasheff’sย APA recipe, I started from there and tweaked it for my preferences and ingredient stocks!

The munich malt is original to Jamil’s recipe, the amber malt replaces victory malt, as this is the closest UK alternative as far as I can tell. I originally planed to use belgian biscuit malt but had non left. I replaced crystal 20 and 40 from the original recipe with UK medium and german cara munich II.

I’m hoping this malt bill will give the beer a nice malt profile that holds up against what I’m predicting will be a pretty robust hop character. As for the hops I am simply copying Jamil’s hoping schedule but with the sorachi to the same IBU’s for bittering and the same weight for the aroma and flame out additions. From commercial examples I’ve tried and other peoples homebrew that have used Sorachi, I’m hoping this will have a lot of lemon grass, verbena, kaffir lime, and a little coconut.

Anyway, off to brew, there will be a few pics uploaded later!





22/12/12 : The OG was a bit lower than expected at 1.050, but the US05 has done it’s thing and fermented out to 1.008 today, so it has hit the expected ABV ย of 5.6%. the sample was too yeast turbid to get any idea of flavour other than a hint of coconut in the finish! I’m going to leave this until after Christmas to clear up and drop bright before maybe dry hopping or just straight to keg/bottles.


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