One Boat, One Water, One Beer

So just a quick update for my resent brewday post on Coffee Stout that I brewed with my brother.

If you have read the post you’ll know that the coffee stout was to be used to launch my brothers homemade boat (he’s not a Champagne guy).

He is a cabinet maker, and general tinkerer. He has made a foalding, colapsable wooden boat. The plans are an adaptation of those from a 1930’s edition of ‘Practical Mechanic’ magazine. It is poweed by one of two outboards (1 x 5BHP, 1 x 3BHP) circa 1950’s.

Any way. The idea was to build the boat and then test it out on water. Being the “go big or go home” kinda guy he is, Liam (my bro) decided to test the boat out by sailing the length of Windermere!

I’m please to say all went according to plan and the coffee stout went down a bloody treat! Here are a couple of photo’s from the day.




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