Coffee Stout

Yesterday saw me fire up the brew kettle again. This time for a coffee stout! I have been wanting to do one for ages.

Summer Wine Brewery Barista Stout is the inspiration behind this brewday. I urge anyone who comes across it to try it, hands down the best stout I have ever had! If this beer comes out close I’ll be happy!

With this in mind I send a tweet to James the head brewer over at Summer Wine for some pointers. A couple of emails later and I was assured I was one the right path! Thanks again James, A great brewer, always willing to help, it’s very much appreciated!

So the recipe. I wanted to go down the route of an American stout for the base beer, maybe a touch of oatmeal for that lovely slickness that oats add to a beer. I wanted it smooth, not too over sweet, and just enough hop bite to prop up the roast of the coffee!

OG: 1.052 (ended up1.058)
FG: 1.012
Mash Efficiency: 80% (actually 90.9%)
ABV: Planned 5.2% but will probably come out at 6.1%
IBU: 68
Mash temp 65oC for 1 hour, 77oC mash out
Colour: 36.9SMR


Pale ale malt 78.4%
Dark crystal 4.9%
Carafa Special III 3.9%
Flaked oats 3.9%
Medium crystal 2.9%
Roasted barley 2.9%
Chocolate malt 2.9%


Columbus 16.5%aa 28g 60 mins
Columbus 16.5%aa 15g 15 mins

Other ingredients

Ground arabica coffee beans 100g flame out

Yeast: US-05

My brother Liam was up for the weekend, another impetus for the brew day. This beer will be used to Christen/launch a small boat that he has just finished building as a side project.

My Brother Liam weighing out the grist

The grist, lost of lovely dark malts! 🙂

Like a good espresso! 🙂

Great smelling Columbus

The yeast and coffee (an americano blend)

in it goes

In after flame out for a 20 minute steep then cool!

this smelled great running off into the fermentor! 🙂

Reasonably clear for a dark beer! 🙂

The obligatory filth shot! 🙂

All in all a great brew day! Mash efficiency was up but I put this down to the 77oC mash out! when it’s finished out I’m going tobe bottling a few in champagne bottles to add to the occasion for the boat launch! 🙂

LB……. out


7 thoughts on “Coffee Stout

  1. its one I want to try too but with a bit of Rauch or Peated malt along with the coffee, I’d be more cautious that you with the coffee as it tips me over the edge if i have 2 strong coffees.

    • Lol! He’s a talented sod I’ll give him that! Lol

      This is down to 1.018 today and tasting very nice! Still green but the coffee comes through great!

  2. This is now in the Keg and tasting great. Lovely silky mouth feel, firm but not overpowering bitterness. The coffee come through at the front and fades to let the hops show their face.

    All in all very happy. Some of this will get bottled into 750ml Champagne bottles to help launch Liam’s boat on Windermere on 5th August. I cant wait! 🙂

  3. MMmm sounds good. I’m just started drinking my mocha coffee chocolate stout. I used 500g of oatmeal flakes that I toasted until they smelled like hob nobs then (pelted from great height) added 6 shots of espresso after flameout. First bottle I thought I’d overdone the coffee, a week on and it’s balanced great with the choc malt.

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